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In this book you can find beautiful and inspirational works and stories by spiritual artists from Holland. For more information you can also visit: BewustZijn Online

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A serie of my paintings is exclusively printed on cards.

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Jeannette Kommer's work is a refreshing new take on geometric abstract-expressionism. The forms, symbols and even the figurative elements are nearly subliminal because of the way everything interplays and interacts. The colors are not what 3D would describe as standard. There are bright pastels and in unusual combinations. The pricing is an interesting factor.            Author unknown

Jeannette is a 'life artist', I see that reflected in her paintings. Her heart and soul are in the many layers of her works. These reflect the depth that Jeannette 'is' and how she expresses it in her work. I had to think about this, and while I was looking at the sea and the diffuse morning light, this spontaneously occurred to me.

Femke Posthumus     Process supervisor in psycho-emotional and body-oriented processes

For several years I have the painting 'Radiant' from Jeannette in my office. When I consciously look at it, my attention is drawn to the center every time. As if there is a magical space that you can only see if you really look. As a mandala it has a harmonizing effect on the space where I receive my clients. Carl Gustav Jung calls the mandala a representation of the unconscious self. That is where I like to invite my clients to be and make discoveries about themselves and what inspires them. In that way I enjoy the painting twice and my clients with me.       Els Dekkers

She shows us a part of the world that we cannot see with the naked eye.    Family Beekman

You see the beauty in the non-directly visible and share that with us through your paintings. Because not all beauty is immediately visible, sometimes you have to make an effort and then you are rewarded with the most beautiful things.    Family Beekman

Your work celebrates the beauty in the structures, shapes, patterns, colors and lines of life.    Family Beekman

Meaning of Mohani

Door Mohani | februari 25, 2020

What do you see in the picture?Once it was a beautiful plate, for cake. But it broke. You can mend beautiful things in a delicate way or you can leave it like it is, broken. I guess that is what you can also do with your heart. We all get bruised and battered or hurt …

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When a vision appears

Door Mohani | februari 13, 2020

When a vision comes, do you see it? Do you recognize it, as a vision? Is life telling you something? Something deep down in your heart you already know? But your mind interferes, doesn’t it? Can you tell the difference between heart and mind? I sometimes cannot. That would be bragging. But I trust what …

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Paradise exists

Door Mohani | januari 21, 2020

Do you believe Paradise exists? I do. Yes, I still do! Because luckily, there are still little creatures that remind me of paradise. Birds connect us with the heaven above and the Earth below. Nature in particular, being rightfully observed and not so much interfered with, provides us with wisdom and health. Rich and moist …

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Heart Dynamics

Door Mohani | december 10, 2019

This painting was made for a friend. At my request he gave me his prefered colors and it turned out to be a dynamic painting! It was a warmly felt process. Connecting with someone is not something that you ‘do’. It’s not a verb. At that moment we were connected by the right moment, the …

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I sincerely hope my vision can lend you a helping hand and encourage you to develop yourself!

By no means do I want to force my words upon you. Nor do I claim to know the truth. I specifically say this, because we all have our own perception of life. Always listen to your own, inner voice!                  With love, Mohani

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