Heart Dynamics

This painting was made for a friend.

At my request he gave me his prefered colors and it turned out to be a dynamic painting! It was a warmly felt process.

Connecting with someone is not something that you 'do'. It's not a verb.

At that moment we were connected by the right moment, the right place.

Divine interference, that's what I feel it's about.

You cannot do or make things like these at will for they will always miss the dynamics and energy from our hearts.

Subtle, yes it is indeed! Of course this painting is not for sail. But you can order one if you like.

Please contact me for more information.

You can even choose the size you feel like.

By purchasing or ordering a painting you will support me in financing the Therapist Training I am taking part in, at the Humaniversity in Egmond aan Zee.

So, thanks for reading!


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