Meaning of Mohani

Beauty in all forms

What do you see in the picture?
Once it was a beautiful plate, for cake. But it broke. You can mend beautiful things in a delicate way or you can leave it like it is, broken.

I guess that is what you can also do with your heart.

We all get bruised and battered or hurt in our lives. I can't imagine there's anyone who walks this Earth uninjured.
Even if you have perfect parents there are dangers in the outside world that you just don't see coming.

Despite setbacks, it takes an effort to keep seeing the beauty in life. To see the beauty in humanity and in yourself.
That last one really can blow your mind. Seeing the beauty in yourself? Naaa...

That's why you sometimes need, not one person, but a whole bunch of people, all agreeing on one thing:

That they truely love you for who you are. They express this love by being honest in telling you: 'you are beautiful, you are graceful! We all agree on your new name: Mohani'

Ma deva Mohani means: Divine Beauty

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And, it's not only about the outside, your appearance. But, the most important factor comes from within.
How you walk, how you talk and who you are as a person. How you express yourself in your needs and your deeds.

Of course, I mean, it is about the best version of yourself! We all have our best version.

But, there also is the other side. The 'ugly' side.

Your sannyas name remembers you how to keep on track. Whell, at east that is my humble opinion.

It is also fun and exciting, by the way, to receive a new name!

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