Jeannette Kommer's work is a refreshing new take on geometric abstract-expressionism. The forms, symbols and even the figurative elements are nearly subliminal because of the way everything interplays and interacts. The colors are not what 3D would describe as standard. There are bright pastels and in unusual combinations.       Author unknown

Jeannette is a 'life artist'. I see that reflected in her paintings. Her heart and soul are in the many layers of her works. These reflect the depth that Jeannette 'is' and how she expresses in her work. I had to think about this and while I was looking at the sea and the diffuse morning light, this spontaneously occurred to me.       Femke Posthumus - Supervisor in psycho-emotional and body-oriented processes

"Her work celebrates beauty in the structures, shapes, patterns, colors and lines of life"   Family Beekman

You see the beauty in the non-directly visible and share it with us through your paintings. Because not all beauty is immediately visible, sometimes you have to make an effort and then you are rewarded with the most beautiful things.       Family Beekman.



Voorzijde Cajon I

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