Paradise exists

Do you believe Paradise exists?

I do.

Yes, I still do!

Because luckily, there are still little creatures that remind me of paradise.

Birds connect us with the heaven above and the Earth below.

Nature in particular, being rightfully observed and not so much interfered with, provides us with wisdom and health.

Rich and moist as life should be.

Yes, I dream.

Yes that is a sign of strength and courage! Yes, I believe miracles exist because they do!

This painting is painted on wood. Wood is also a great gift Earth shares with us.

Unfortunately, mankind often doesn't fully appreciate or even see the treasures which are presented to him or her by Mother nature.

'Paradise' | 61x40 cm | Acrylic and laquer on wood | Price 450,- euro.

Remember 'Paradise' when darkness says 'hello'. She will guide you through.

Thank you.

Love you.


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