When a vision appears

When a vision comes, do you see it?

Do you recognize it, as a vision? Is life telling you something? Something deep down in your heart you already know? But your mind interferes, doesn't it?

Can you tell the difference between heart and mind? I sometimes cannot. That would be bragging.

But I trust what I FEEL in my heart.

I dream of a different world and I know we're going there. It does not resemble the world we live in though. Not in the slightest way, I am sorry to say.

And Mother Earth? Yes of course she is included in this vision because she is PARADISE!

My paintings exist of patterns, dots, circles and lots and lots of color!
Everything is handmade.
Technology is here to support us, but true wisdom and knowledge lie within YOU!
Do you understand?

YOU have it all, it's all inside of you!

'Vision I' is still for sale.
A kind of skimpy painting on solid wood.
Size 98x60 cm Price 1000,- euro.

If you buy this painting you'll support me in financing a 4 year Therapist Training I am following at Osho Humaniversity in Egmond aan Zee.

Thank you,


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